I just wanted to wish all my followers a Lovely and Wonderful new year!




Sanrio Lootcrate, say what?!

I can vividly remember turning 4 years old.  My brother and mother taking me to the Burdines at Westland Mall in Hialeah, Fl and stepping into the children’s department.  That’s when I noticed a huge display of nothing but Sanrio stuff.  Pens, pencils, markers, stamps, stickers, tape, purses, toothbrush sets, and much more calling out my name.  I left with a bag full of Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars items.  It was the beginning of a lifelong collection obsession.
During my high school years, I turned to Keroppi and Pochacco. I had bookbags, wallets, cameras, clocks, comforters. You name it, I probably had it. Then I got on the World Wide Web in 1998, and naturally I picked a name that had to do with Sanrio. Pochacco-2000(at)Webtv(dot)net was my first email address. While many in those chat rooms of yesteryear thought I was a guy, one knew exactly what it meant and 18 years later he sleeps next to me every night. Sanrio has brought so much joy to my life and now its on the verge of adding more.
Over the weekend at the New York Comic Con, it was announced that Sanrio and Lootcrate have join forces and will bring out Small Gift Crate. A quarterly subscription box that will include officially licensed collectibles and apparel that you can’t find anywhere else. I’m pretty sure they will start taking orders on November 1 aka Hello Kitty’s birthday. So far, I was able to find out that box will be $34.99 plus $5 shipping. I’m going to be honest, a bargain.
I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this news. I ran and check my Capital One balance to make sure I pay for the entire year upfront. Yep, I’m that nuts. So I’m counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds until they finally announce the date we can start ordering the subscription box. I can guarantee you, I’ll be first in line and will bring you pictures of my unboxing.
 Photo credit: Loot Crate

6 Months to 40

David Byrne once sang, “My God, How did I get here?” and those words looped when I started working on my 2017 Happy Planner. Seriously, I can’t believe how fast my 30’s flew by.

I wish I could have enjoyed them more, like I did with my 20’s. Sadly, these years came with panic attacks, depression, deaths and struggle. While all my life I’ve dealt with death and struggle, I was bombarded back to back. My father’s cancer, stroke and eventually his death was a slap to my face within a 6 month span. Then my stepmother also crossing over. Which pushed me over the edge and left me not even wanting to get out of bed for months. Something very few knew, while on social media I portrayed nothing was wrong.  Although, I over came the depression, my panic/anxiety attack came to stay like an unwanted house guest. I never know when it will ring the doorbell and come to visit. It has escalated to the point that I no longer drive. I live with so many triggers that I’ve lost count. But I still wake up and keep going.

It may seemed its been all bad, but it hasn’t. I have also had great moments in these 10 years. I discovered my love for reading, an escape while being stuck in bed with the covers over my head. Got to meet and become friends with some of the Authors who wrote my favorite stories. Became part of a wonderful community of women and got to escape my comfort zone and take a trip to NYC. I went back working as a nanny. Where I fully enjoy what I do since care giving is something that comes natural to me. I have watched my daughter blossom into a young lady with a progressive mind and old soul. My family grew and we became much closer and so did my marriage.

There’s much to be written in the story of my life and I know many more lessons to come. But for now, I will remain in denial that a new decade is upon me. I will also stay hopeful.



Herbal Essences VoxBox

I received a bottle of Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mousse from Influenster and exclusively used it for an entire week. 

Shampoo: The first thing I noticed was the fantastic aroma coming from the bottle. It made me think I was at a citrus farm.  

I wet my long locks and began lathering my scalp. While there were a lot of suds, the thing I loved the most was how squeaky clean my scalp felt when I was done. This shampoo didn’t disappoint! 
Conditioner: I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to. I have long hair(29in) and I need something on the thick side. Sadly, this conditioner was kind of weak. I normally don’t have to use twice as much, but had to with this product. I do have to say the scent was fantastic.  
Mousse: I’m not a regular mousse user. My hair is very straight and it didn’t do a lot of difference to give me body, but that’s not the mousse’s fault. I did used it when I put my hair up and kept the flyaways in place. I really liked that.  
*Disclaimer: I received this product from Influenster to test and review but the opinions are mine.* 

Tastykake VoxBox

Some weeks ago, Influenster selected me to taste try the new Tastykake mini cupcakes. I was very excited to try them until I got them. They sent me the peanut butter flavor. I hate PB flavor anything. Oh well. My family and co-workers did taste them and I got mixed reviews.
I tried to find the other flavored but neither Target nor Publix carry the mini cupcakes. So I can’t leave an honest review. Maybe my readers can find them where they live and let me know. If you want to check them out, you can find Tastykake at:
* https://www.facebook.com/Tastykake
* https://www.instagram.com/Tastykake

Disclaimer: I received this product from Influenster to test and review but the opinions are mine.

WelnessVoxBox Review

Influester picked me to review the following products for free for my honest review/opinion.

Attitude – Dishwashing soap:  I was impressed with this product.  I didn’t think it would work and had my regular soap on stand-by. I had a sink full of plates and pots and it left them squeaky clean.

Shampoo –  Pro: I left my hair clean. Con: I didn’t like the smell.  Image-1 Image-2

Colgate Enamel Health – Yes, it did its job, but what I liked the most was that it didn’t burn.  Some other products say they don’t but they do. Mainly my daughter is the one who uses this product and she really likes it.  Good enough for me.


Jergens Shower Lotion – My favorite product from the wellness box has got to be Jergens shower lotion.  What took so long for a company to create this?  I may have dry skin but I hate feeling greasy.  Most days I don’t apply lotion.  Let me tell ya….my elbows were like sandpaper.  Now after 3 weeks, I apply this lotion in the shower, pat dry and my skin stays soft from morning to night time.  I’m no longer ashy and that’s the best part! I even went to Target and got the Coconut scented bottle as well. The only thing I wish Jergens would do is come out with a fragrance free version. Run don’t walk and get a bottle!


Olay Active Botanicals gel cleanser – I’m always looking for a cleanser that will clean my face and I wont be oily within 30 minutes.  I think Olay is the one.  I’ve noticed that I don’t have as many blackheads and my whiteheads have decreased.  Image-5

I have to admit the following two items I didn’t try; Yeye and Urgentrx Pain powder.

I downloaded Yeye, created an account, browsed around, but stopped there.  I’m not dieting at the moment and that’s why i didn’t use it.


With Urgentrx, I was waiting for cramps, but they never came this month, so I didn’t try it.  If and when, they come or whenever I’m in pain, I will revise my review.


Review: Connie’s Mail Order Chicago Style Pizza

Two weeks ago, my husband’s friend sent us three Connie’s pizzas (spinach, sausage & pepperoni) as gifts. It was scheduled to arrive overnight on Tuesday. I only received two pizzas because FedEx screwed up and one was left on the plane. Wednesday, the forgotten box arrived, dry ice was completely melted and the ingredients were all over the box. My husband asked me to take pictures and he contact the pizzeria that morning. Before business hours were over, a representative called back and she assured us another pizza would be on its way by Friday. On Friday, at 9:30 AM Fedex delivered the box. I rushed to the kitchen and to my surprise Connie’s sent us two pizzas! They rock.

I’m from Miami. but my husband is from Chicago. For 16 years all I’ve heard is how Chicago style pizza is way better than New York style. I’m a purest and I love my NYStyle, but WOW! At first, it was hard for me to eat this pizza with a fork, so I ate it with my hands like a savage.

Here’s a little Pizza info about me, I love extra cheese, mushroom, ham, pineapple as my toppings.  I really dislike sausage and pepperoni, so I was looking forward to the Spinach pie.  It had a thick layer of Mozzarella and I loved it! I did try both the sausage and pepperoni pie and let me tell ya…..that Sausage pie was everything.  The fennel wasn’t too overpowering and it tasted fresh. I still wish I could taste a fresh one from the restaurant.  Maybe one day, we’ll be able to go.

Customer Service: 5 Stars
Pizza cooking directions: 5 Stars
Pizza Taste: 5 Stars

Review: Red Baron Pizza – #LoveAtFirstBite Campaign

We have a little tradition at my home we call it “Peeksa Friday”.  The one day out of the week when I don’t cook and give my pots a break.  When Bzzagent selected me to taste test and Bzz about Red Baron Brick Oven pizza Love At first Bite campaign, I was ecstatic. unnamed4 I’ve always seen this brand of the supermarket but I’ve never tried it.  Bzzagent was kind enough to send me 1-free pizza coupon, 4- $1 dollar off coupon and an apron. The next day I went to Publix and use some of the coupons provided.  I made Meat Trio style pizza that night.


These were the results.

Pros: the crust and the pizza were tasty.

Cons: the toppings were all over the place.


My family asked me to buy it Red Barron Brick Oven again.   That’s a good sign since they are picky about their frozen pizza.  In conclusion and taking everything into consideration, I rate Red Baron Brick Oven pizza a B-.